Learn life and career changing skills from Podcasting in just 14 days - study 20minutes a day.

Podcasting gives you a voice on a global platform. It teaches you how to communicate, builds a respected brand and earn money at your own pace. 

Your age, gender or location are no barriers. Students, employers, employees, entrepreneurs or unemployed - this course is what you need to move to the next level. Beginner, intermediate or advanced who’s hit a roadblock, we’ll guide you. 
If you have a phone with internet, you have no excuse. 

When you join this course, you gain the skills from the vast experience I’ve built for years as a media professional. 

You’ll learn 
1. The A to Z of podcasting and hosting your own show 
2. The art of effective communication to increase trust, inspire confidence and build relationships that will help you to grow personally and professionally 
3. How to build your BRAND as an expert in your field 
4. How to create your own opportunities at your own pace, in your own time

Just last year, Zibby was interviewed in a Global podcasting publication, alongside big names like Joe Rogan and Russell Brand. She was the ONLY African recognised and given that honour. 

In the course of Zibby’s work, She has interviewed Governors, Ministers, Celebrities, Politicians and top athletes from around the world. She’s written books, coached podcasters & radio hosts and helped with programming for radio stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. 

You could choose not to take the course, and that’s fine. But with more people searching for jobs and other opportunities in a struggling economy, you must be deliberate with your moves and strategy to stand out and succeed.

Your dreams are valid. But you must invest in yourself In order to unleash your potential and convert it to influence, money and power.

This course gives you the power and the confidence to move in a dynamic way with your life - personally and professionally. It’s designed to be interactive, engaging and easy to follow. So easy, that a 10 year old girl was able to use the course material to start her own podcast on YouTube.  

You can absolutely change the direction of your life. You’ll get a free goodie bag worth way more than the registration cost of N10,000 

Sign up to this class today. You will instant receive the course the full course materials, to learn at your pace.  You will also have access to guidance via WhatsApp/Facebook.

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Change Your Life

A daily guide to changing your life from where it is, to where you know it could be. Using the power of positive affirmations.  
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The EP Cookbook

A fusion of food and music, with 10 recipes from all over the world. Very quick and easy to follow and prepare. 
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